Dear Desmond

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You are very abusive to me, it has been over a year and all you do is manipulate and abuse me. I always thought I would have got that family I never had, and that’s why I stayed through all this abuse. I believe I draw my line today when you try to bounce me down.

Living like this made me realize how I really wanted to be treated.I made numerous attempts for help and I just get laugh at which made me feel not to trust anyone again my own mother said I should stay silent no body is hearing me crying for help.

I work really had two jobs and I try to attend culinary school but with no help, I canceled school for a while because I have rent to pay. My diet got worst because of what I could afford. Suicidal thoughts keep running through my mine and 99% of my day I was depressed. I pay rent to make you happy and I am not I need a home where there is love and peace. Am tired

From.. Happy child

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