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I know its been a long since I don’t look at myself and actually question what I’m doing or feeling, the pace of life gets me stressed and annoyed with everything that is around me… for what? good grades? achievement? getting over situations that I would rather forget?

I honestly ask myself… when was it when you last told mum you loved her? but not as an empty word that is given to comfort others, actually feeling it. Stop distancing yourself from people who love you and care for you, and don’t be scared to speak your mind, even if does not make any sense to you, let it go. You might think that you are taking care of others and yourself by doing so, but you’re hurting in a way that cannot be fixed.

Crying does help, but hiding it just makes it worst, a healing process works on your own but not because you fear sharing it with others, it works because it is an actual decision to look at your own.

Life moves pretty fast, continuing to fear and holding feelings or thoughts won’t make it any longer, learn to accept and appreciate every little moment. Friends are the key, but not the quantity, keep only those who smile every time you get in the room.

Not everyone shares your interests, bear in mind that not all friends are for all situations, but those who do stand even if what you are saying makes no sense at all, must be keepers. Friends will not come by themselves, keep in contact and tell them you appreciate their friendship, just like you, they need to be reminded of how valuable they are.

Step outside as you always do, but leave your chores aside, pet your dog who always seems confused by your speed of walking as you go nowhere and everywhere, leave your desk with the school notes and take a look at the backyard, the sky, your trees… they won’t be always there and neither are you.

Don’t stop planning the future, try to make it present, if not, the plan would not be achieved it… give it the importance that you give to your school or job. In the end, dreams construct your future as well as your studies.

Let yourself free, but don’t hold back. Henceforth.. I would like to look at the past and actually be proud of myself… and not only in an academic way. I want to be able to actually know myself.

From.. You

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