Anyone Who Reads This


I just realized that I could die of my asthma. All I have to do is cuddle with my pets(my asthma is because of my allergies to them) and do a little exercise. I am shaking while I write this. My mental health is not good and my friend just left me and I just want to die. And if I tell anyone they will take away my pets they have threatened to do so before(my parents).

But my pets are one of the only things that are keeping me alive. I don’t know to want to do. I am shaken and in distress and I just want to tell someone but I can’t. I love my pets they are the only ones that don’t cat what I look like or how odd I am.

I have OCD and some other mental health issues but I don’t know the names. I have a severe phobia of bugs and everyone makes fun of me for the things I can’t do they talk begging my back and I just can’t handle it anymore. And my pets will die in a couple of years and I don’t know what I’ll do after that. I just want to escape.

And dying by asthma attack isn’t that hard or bad I would get to die with my pets. Thank you. I really needed to tell someone.


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